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A-Z Listing

Name: Title: E-mail: Office: Phone:
Back, Michele Visiting Assistant Professor michele.back@ucr.edu HMNSS 2417A  
Ballester, Mari-Carmen Lecturer maricarmen.ballester@ucr.edu HMNSS 2501  
Bogner, Nicole Graduate Affairs Officer nicole.bogner@ucr.edu HMNSS 2405 827-1522
Borton, Jennifer Graduate Student jennifer.borton@email.ucr.edu    
Bustos, Juan Graduate Student jbust008@ucr.edu    
Ceja, Johnathan Graduate Student johnathan.ceja@email.ucr.edu    
Ceja, Suria Yesica Graduate Student suria.ceja@email.ucr.edu    
Curiel, Roxana Blancas Graduate Student roxana.blancascuriel@email.ucr.edu    
Daza, Yulder Graduate Student yulder.daza@email.ucr.edu    
Duran, Nancy Graduate Student nancy.duran@email.ucr.edu    
Enriquez, Julio Alberto Graduate Student julio.enriquez@email.ucr.edu    
Fornazzari, Alessandro Assistant Professor aforna@ucr.edu HMNSS 2424  
Garcia, Dulce Consuelo Graduate Student dulce.garcia@email.ucr.edu    
Gilmore, James Graduate Student james.gilmore@email.ucr.edu    
Gonzalez-Bohorquez, Valentin Graduate Student vgonz023@ucr.edu    
Guevara, Liliana Lecturer liliana.guevara@ucr.edu HMNSS 2513  
Guzman, Elizabeth Graduate Student eguzm004@student.ucr.edu    
Harris, Conor Graduate Student conor.harris@email.ucr.edu    
Harsolia, Khadija Mohiuddin Graduate Student khadija.harsolia@email.ucr.edu    
Hernandez, Marta Assistant Professor martasal@ucr.edu HMNSS 2420  
Herzberger, David Chair and Distinguished Professor david.herzberger@ucr.edu HMNSS 2421 827-1476
Ingistov Garcia, Nikolai Graduate Student nikolai.ingistovgarcia@email.ucr.edu    
Jimenez, Judy Graduate Student jjime004@student.ucr.edu    
Landeros, Luz Maria Graduate Student luz.landeros@email.ucr.edu    
Lee, Diana Graduate Student diana.lee006@email.ucr.edu    
Liu, Benjamin M. Associate Professor benjamin.liu@ucr.edu HMNSS 2417B 827-1569
Medrano, Jose Graduate Student jose.medrano@email.ucr.edu    
Montes de Oca, Yenisei Graduate Student yenisei.montesdeoca@email.ucr.edu    
Mosquera, Luis Graduate Student luis.mosquera@email@ucr.edu    
Najera, Marina Graduate Student marina.najera@email.ucr.edu    
Navarro, Martin Lecturer manabec@ucr.edu HMNSS 2513  
Noble, Bret Graduate Student bret.noble@email.ucr.edu    
Parr, James Distinguished Professor cervantista@aol.com HMNSS 2418  
Pianca, Marina Professor of Spanish marina.pianca@ucr.edu HMNSS 2515  
Pretak, Jennifer Graduate Student jennifer.pretak@email.ucr.edu    
Pryor, Emily Graduate Student emily.pryor@email.ucr.edu    
Rivera, Oscar Graduate Student oscar.rivera@email.ucr.edu    
Rowther, Seher Graduate Student seher.rowther@email.ucr.edu    
Salas, Enrique Graduate Student enrique.salas@email.ucr.edu HMNSS 2619  
Saum-Pascual, Alexandra Graduate Student alexandra.saum-pascual@email.ucr.edu HMNSS 2621  
Schiwy, Freya Associate Professor freya.schiwy@ucr.edu HMNSS 2424  
Shafer, Alexander Phillip Graduate Student alexander.shafer@email.ucr.edu    
Stuart, Charles Graduate Student charles.stuart@email.ucr.edu    
Tessier, Vonnie Financial and Administrative Officer vonnie.tessier@ucr.edu HMNSS 2406 827-1521
Toscano, Teresa Lecturer teresa.toscano@ucr.edu HMNSS 2509  
Vargas, Mirta Lecturer mirta.vargas@ucr.edu HMNSS 2509  
Wells, Jason Allen Graduate Student jason.wells@email.ucr.edu    
Whelchel, Dawn Student Affairs Officer dawn.whelchel@ucr.edu HMNSS 2417 827-1421
Williams, Raymond Distinguished Professor raymond.williams@ucr.edu HMNSS 2419